French Montana Explains His Side In The Drama With 50 Cent

French Montana 1I don’t always cover the small sh** but every once in a while it grows into something worth discussing. I’m posting this today just in case I may need a point of reference in the future.

I remember reading somewhere that 50 Cent had taken offense to French Montana using his name in an interview. Montana wasn’t apologetic, in fact he took to twitter to publicly tease Fif, adding insult to injury.

I didn’t pay too much attention to this at first becuase it felt like the typical “50 won’t accept criticism from anybody” situation. French Montana continued to publicly disparage 50 on twitter and subsequently 5o aired out French for being a snake. Fif indicated that during the G-Unit Rick Ross beef that French was the one who leaked  the whereabouts of DJ Khaled’s mom’s and took pictures of her asleep at her desk. [If you don’t remember the G-Unit Rick Ross fiasco then look it up. Google search is your best friend.]

Since then there’s been some speculation as to how all this new found info might affect the snake’s… I mean… French’s relationship with MMG. Recently French was on Angie Martinez’ Radio show. He discussed the progress of his album,his  label situation and… he had this to say about the 50 Cent situation:

French Montana Addresses “Beef” w/ 50 Cent (Video)


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