Kat Stacks Says Media Involvement Helped Her Win Appeal

Kat Stacks aka Andrea-Herrera

Kat Stacks Says She Is A Victim

VLADTV recently published (Jan 11, 2013) an interview with Andrea Herrera, the train wreck formerly known as Kat Stacks. She was recently released from federal detention. She was arrested on a weapons charge (I’m not even sure what that means) and disorderly conduct. Since then she has spent the last two years fighting deportation. She says that media involvement has helped her to win her appeal and stave off deportation. VLADTV, which refers to Kat Stacks as a “Hip-hop model” (whatever that is), seems to have jumped at the opportunity to be the first to give this girl a new platform.

In true VLADTV fashion, the footage posted so far is only a snippet I’m sure. After being locked up for two years and nearly deported she doesn’t seem nearly as reckless as she used to be. It is entirely too early to be sure if Stacks, I mean uh Herrera has changed but MAYBE after all that time away Kat has mustered up something intelligent to say. Let’s see.

Kat Stacks Opens Up About Immigration Case & Jail Time


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