Brother Ali Shares His Inspiration. Says That He Hopes To Be Remembered

Beeshine Brother Ali1

I think I’m just a really unique person. I’ve seen the world from a really unique vantage point.

-Brother Ali

The Bee Shine caught up with Brother Ali to ask him what he’s inspired by. His answer was rather thoughtful and introspective. He starts out by stating that he is a producer and a DJ. He even describes his short stint as a graf artist.   But prior to being a graf artist Ali says he admired two “brothers” who lived on his street that turned him onto hiphop in the mid 80’s.

Ali says his earlieast raps (at age 9) were really inspired by Whodini and Melly Mel. Ali says that he admired Whodini’s ability to thoroughly cover a single subject in a song.

In the late 80’s, Ali explains, that Chuck D,KRS-One and Rakim inspired him to want to be an intelligent person but that he enjoyed the “fun” rap and the gangsta rap as well.

A few years later Ali had the opportunity to listen to KRS-One during a college lecture at Michigan State University. Ali says that he was inspire by what he heard stating that at that time KRS was “his Malcom X”. KRS-One signed Ali’s paperback copy of “Stop The Violence” and wrote the message “Jason, unite humanity.”

Brother Ali says that he is still making records trying to unite humanity.


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