Cortez Says The Hiphop Community Focuses Too Much Attention On The Negative

Cortez battle rapper1During a Forbez DVD Live radio interview Cortez spoke on a number of issues but mainly explained his vision of where the battle rap arena is headed. The interview opened up with a discussion about Cortez’ previous appearance on Forbez DVD radio and how it went viral. Cortez complained that only 5 minutes worth of controversy seemed to get noticed in the blogosphere even though the interview in question lasted about 30 minutes. He says that the positive energy around his movement should not have been ignored.

Some of the highlights of the interview

  • Cortez says that he has decided to focus on St. Louis battle rappers and calls out Aye Verb
  • Cortez picks Cassidy to win in a Cassidy vs. Meek Mill battle
  • Cortez says the culture is growing quickly and eventually battle rappers will need booking agents to manage their schedules and tours
  • Cortez says the Mook vs. Iron Solomon battle deserved the price it was paid because it sold tickets
  • Cortez says E-Ness and Serius Jones should walk away from battle rap

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