Sean Hines ‘Crooks Collection 3’ Gaining Momentum And Recognition

Sean Hines ‘Crooks Collection 3’ Is Awarded Bronze Status datpiff_bronze2

sean_hines1Sean Hines’ latest release “Crooks Collection 3” has been awarded “Bronze” on the leading mixtape website Crooks Collection 3 has been downloaded more than 25,232 times and counting since it’s debut 10/30/12.

Click the graphic to download the entire mixtape for free.


1.Soldiers Intro (Arranged by Maggbeatz)
2.The Movement (Sean Hines ft Hits, Holiday) ( pro by Barrelz & Hash)
3.Money Right (Sean Hines ) ( Pro by Maggbeatz)
4.Never Had Nada ( Sean Hines ft Hits, Sham,) (Produced by Maggeaz)
5.Find A Way ( Sean Hines , ft Hits, Holiday) (Pro by Barrelz & Hash
6.Don King Schemes (Sean Hines) ( Produced by Barrelz & Hash)
7.Day To Day (Sean Hines ft Sham) (Pro by Barrelz & Hash)
8.Never Leave You (Sean Hines) (Pro by Barrelz & Hash)
9.Whatever Tho (Sean Hines ft Holiday , Hits, Sham,) ( Pro by Barrelz & Hash)
10.Reminded of You (Sean Hines) ( Pro by Barrelz & Hash)
11.Crooks and Hustlers (Sean Hines ft Hits) ( Pro by MaggBeatz)
12.Throwing Stones ( Holiday ft Hits) (Produced by Barrelz & Hash)

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One Response to Sean Hines ‘Crooks Collection 3’ Gaining Momentum And Recognition

  1. Sholi Trend says:

    what a good song and album he is a great artist and am so sure is da future

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