50 Cent Gives Details About His Fallout With Mayweather

50 Cent On Floyd Mayweather: “That’s My Brother. This will pass”

It seemed like the whole world watched with puzzled faces as the bromance between 50 Cent and Floyd Mayweather Jr. crumbled. 50 initially denied rumors of any tension between him and Floyd but the split became obvious when 50 Cent announced that he was forming a new boxing  promotion company with Manny Pacquiao instead of Mayweather.

To some folks out there this new venture was more than a business decision, it was confirmation that 50 Cent and Floyd Mayweather Jr. were no longer friends. Eventually 50 answered questions about the new venture in an interview with the Breakfast Club. Throughout the interview 50 insisted that he and Floyd were still close friends.

50 Cent: The twitter tension was real but I knew how to stop it.

Today Power106 posted a new interview where 50 Cent breaks down on further detail the current status of his relationship with Floyd Mayweather. In this interview 50 Cent goes into detail about how the business relationship began and how it eventually crumbled. He also admits that the twitter tension was real but says there is no beef because Mayweather is his “brother.”

As usual the interview flowed more like a conversation than an interview. Interestingly enough 50 even admitted he and Mayweather got into physical altercations before but he stopped short of calling them fights [just wondering if you caught that]. This was easy to watch, but I always say that about 50’s interviews. And again 50 imparted some wisdom and business sense on quite a few topics if you didn’t notice go back and watch it again.

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