Florida Gunman Shoots At Teenagers,Flees Scene and May Claim Stand Your Ground Law

17 year old Jordan Davis was shot twice, as he sat in the back seat of a vehicle outside a convenience store in Jacksonville, Florida

According to reports, while at a gas station in Florida 45 year old Michael Dunn and asked a group of teens in an SUV to turn down their music. An argument followed but ended when Michael Dunn allegedly fired eight shots into the SUV and then fled.

Robin Lemonidis, Dunn’s attorney says that the four teens in the SUV were threatening to kill her client. She also states that her client saw a gun in the SUV and felt threatened. As a result he opened fire on the vehicle letting off eight shots, two of which struck and killed 17 year old Jordan Davis.

Michael Dunn fled the scene after the shooting on Friday. Reports say Lemonidis said her client and his girlfriend left the scene after the shooting, fearing that they had encountered gang members and that more might follow.

The couple went to a local hotel for the night, and saw the news the next morning that Davis had died. Dunn was served with a warrant and arrested at his home on Saturday. He has been charged with murder and attempted murder. Dunn has been denied bail and currently remains in jail.

Lemonidis told CNN that it is too early to determine what the defense will be but that her client may seek protection under Florida’s ‘Stand Your Ground Law’.

There has been speculation among many that this case is similar to what happened to Trayvon Martin. Dunn’s attorney says that her client is not a vigilante and that there is no similarity.


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