Birdman Announces Newly Signed YMCMB Artist “Caskey”

Allhiphop did an article on Caskey,  YMCMB’s newest artist. During the interview Caskey claimed that Birdman found out about him on youtube and contacted him shortly after.  Reportedly Birdman announced him as YMCMB’s “first blue eyed rapper”. When asked about it Caskey down played the fact that he’s white. Intrigued, I decided to do some light research on Caskey.

So it seems that Caskey is from Florida and he wants people to know that “he’s not from Boston.” hmmmmmmmm… I’ll get back to that one.

At any rate, after doing a little research I’m beginning to believe that Caskey might be a fit for YMCMB but he’s definitely not my speed. I admit, I was a lil’ excited after hearing “Words” because it was thoughtful and different.  The flow gets old after a while though, not feeling his cadence or his beat selections.

To be fair [compared to what’s out there] his lyrics are relatively thought provoking which may hurt him with the popular crowd. We’ll see. I’m wondering how long it’ll take for Birdman to turn him into a white minstrel show. You can check some tracks from Caskey for yourself here or download his mixtape “No Complaints” here.

Caskey “Champion” Music Video

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