The American People Just Don’t Like Mitt…Republicans Trying To Lose?

Politics. Aaah, it’s that time of year. As I was listening to The Morning Show on Big City 101.3 I couldn’t help but smile at the contempt that callers had for Mitt Romney. The Morning Show personalities [I don’t listen often enough to know them by name] were all over the place speaking on issues ranging from fiscal responsibility to racism in politics but the callers who chimed in all seemed too eager to express distrust for Romney…period.

One caller suggested that if Mitt were elected that he’d have to leave the country. Sound familiar? This is the same thing that alot people were saying about Palin if she were to run. This whole thing has got me to thinking. Maybe it is rigged. What are the chances the Republican Party really can’t find anyone who atleast moderately resembles a leader?

You’d think that after ol GW’s stumblings there would some sort of committee that researches decent potential candidates. No wait…there is such a committee. Damn. What is going on here?

American politics has been known to be a circus. I do not believe this year’s Presidential Election process will disappoint. The stories are already going from bizarre to worse. The other day I caught a headline on MSN that read “Author says Mitt Romney owes her $25,000 for jumping bail” to get the skinny on that story go here.

I’m not suggesting that Americans are still in love with Obama. I think that that honeymoon is over. Still, judging from the behavior of the Republican Party…they really don’t want to win. By the way, where’s all the Ron Paul hype gone to? Have the Relovutionaries quit too?

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