Havoc and Ferg Brim Elaborate On The Growing Tension In Mobb Deep


Mobb-Deep-1Havoc and Ferg Brim discuss Mobb Deep feud with Combat Jack Show:

I found this clip while I wasn’t looking for it. I’m not sure exactly how old this interview was but it has to be relatively recent (late July-ish) in it Havoc explains the growing tension between himself and Prodigy,the validity of the letter accusing him of being a drunk, and whether or not he visited P in prison. Hav also gives insight to how he feels (felt) about alot of the rap beef between Mobb Deep and other prominent recording artists.

I felt a little better about the feud after listening to this. Atleast there is some semblance of loyalty in the story. It seems that Hav has had some pinned up aggression for a long time. Havoc claims that he has tried to talk to P face to face whenever he felt tension.

For the first time I got to hear Ferg Brim explain exactly who he is and his exact role in the Infamous Mobb.

There are also reports floating around the net that Ferg Brim is accusing Prodigy of working with the police. I didn’t have a chance to really investigate any of that too thoroughly but it seems that the clip below explains it all. Ferg may have exaggerated the situation but I can understand why he would want to expose Prodigy for hiring a police officer as security and then promoting a gangsta’s life style.

Video footage of Ferg Brim talking with Prodigy

During the Combat Jack Show Havoc mentioned that he never complained about Mobb Deep’s beefs before he just rode with it. At first I didn’t know what he was referring to, now I’m thinking that Prodigy’s book was the last straw for Havoc. If you’re not sure then listen to Separated or  the song that noone understood at first, Same Sh*t Different Day. Here’s an old clip of Prodigy addressing the fall out from his controversial book “My Infamous Life”. Prodigy says that he didn’t snitch on anyone in the book but admits that it did cause tension.

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