Full 40 Minute George Zimmerman Interview [Why I Say He’s Calculated] Transparency Fail

Here is George Zimmerman’s July 18th interview on the Hannity Show:

A few things stand out to me. GZ appears to be overly calculated.

1. GZ claims that Trayvon said “you are going to die tonight.” GZ says he is sorry to the parents of Trayvon Martin. Why would anyone be sorry for shooting someone who beat them savagely and said he wanted to kill them? I don’t believe that I would be. Perhaps I am primitive and/or stupid? Comes across as attempt to appear civil, over acting and insincere.

2. Again GZ seems to be vague on details when it benefits his defense. When asked about Trayvon running away. GZ said “I don’t know if he was running” and suggests Trayvon was skipping. When asked about specifics of the “fight” GZ is unsure how he ended up on the ground. He’s not sure if he “fell” after being punched or if he was “shoved”. [ Perhaps being unsure will leave room for him to have simply climbed on top of Martin, if necessary to change his story at a later time].

3. GZ says that he was in fear of losing consciousness from having his head banged against the concrete. I’ve heard of people losing consciousness from having their heads pounded on the sidewalk. Seems like a self defense line that was fed to GZ. Again I can not imagine being in fight and thinking “I may lose conciousness” even if in fact it was eminent say being “choked” or “smothered”

4. When asked about Witness #9 GZ insists that he was cleared by the F.B.I. of racial profiling. He did not address the validity of any of the molestation accusations. If this was an attempt to appear honest and transparent then he #failed. Zimmerman announces that he is “not a racist” but tactfully avoids addressing the specifics.

5. O’Mara says Stand Your Ground Law addresses “acting in fear of great bodily injury…” GZ said he had never heard of the “Stand Your Ground Law” prior to the incident with Trayvon but his story coincidently has specific verbage to support the “Stand Your Ground Law” defense.

At the end of the interview GZ says that he is sorry for the position he put himself in. I do believe that he meant that….no wait, he said he that he was sorry that he was in the position where he “had” to take Trayvon’s life… [see paragraph #1]

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