What Role Does Perception Play In Quality Of Life? In Trayvon’s Murder?

It’s always nice to have a boogey man to direct our energy and/or anger towards. The “boogey man” or the “bad guy” serves as an outlet for stress and justified anger.

As I listen to some of the recently released audio from Angela Corey’s office with regard to George Zimmerman I find myself feeling some sort of gratification. Then I catch myself, and remember that emotion clouds my ability to analyze information effectively. As I ponder the Trayvon Martin shooting and the events that lead up to it I can’t help but ask “how can we keep this from happening again?”

I fear that the answer to that question may never come but in the process of trying I contemplate not only the possibility that Zimmerman has some personality disorder and unquenchable longing to be accepted in a predominately white society but that the possibility that we all harbor some dysfunctional tendencies that contribute to an environment we don’t approve of.

I am not the only person who realizes that perception  is a part of this debacle. I posted an article featuring someone else’s thoughts on the issue a while back. Recently while listening to the Martyrs In The Making mixtape I found this:

Bizzle – Unjust Scales

Mixtape: Martyrs In The Making

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