Lord Finesse Is Suing Mac Miller For $10 Million Over Sample

Lord Finesse has filed a lawsuit over a track called “Kool-Aid and Frozen Pizza”  [a track from the “K.I.D.S.” mixtape. The song sampled Lord Finesse’s track “Hip 2 Da Game.” Finesse claims that the sample was unauthorized and has filed a lawsuit. “This is a case about a teenage rapper — Mac Miller — copying the music from a song written, produced and performed by Lord Finesse, a hip hop legend, changing the title and then distributing it under his own name in order to launch his music career,” the complaint states.

Mac Miller has been accused before of using instrumentals without proper credit. After hearing news of the latest accusations Mac Miller took to Twitter to express his thoughts.

Mac: I’m supposed to be on hush but lemme speak on this real quick. I made that record and video as nothing more than an 18 year old kid who wanted to rhyme and pay homage, no other intentions. Finesse and I spoke on the phone for an hour after he heard the record and cleared the air. We even planned to work on music together. All I wanted to do is shed light on a generation that inspired me. When I heard there was a problem, I reached out to him to try and solve it. No response. Finesse never cleared the Oscar Peterson sample on the original record. I did nothing wrong. We spoke on the phone had a good conversation, he was cool with the record. It’s all love tho. I ain’t even mad at dude. He still a legend. Lord Finesse, thank you for what u did for hip hop. Thank you for bringing my favorite rapper into the game. I should just drop some new music.

Finesse responded via Twitter as well:

Finesse: I appreciate Mac’s kind words but his people did not handle his business correctly. Basics – Mixtapes are one thing, but you can’t take someone’s else’s entire song, shoot a music video and call it your own. Mac’s on the top of his game right now. I wish him the best in Europe and I hope to hear from him besides on Twitter.

MTV has reported that Rostrum Records is going to fight Lord Finesse’s $10 million lawsuit against Mac Miller.

Rostrum Records has been quoted saying the following:

“First and foremost, we stand by Mac Miller in this situation and we will fight the case together with him,” read a press release issued by Mac’s Pittsburgh-based label to MTV News on Friday [July 13].

Rostrum Records declared that the label never profited off Finesse’s music because “Kool Aid & Frozen Pizza” appeared on a free mixtape [as is common practice] The label also says “Lord Finesse was given credit on both the video and the mixtape from the very beginning.

On Wednesday night, Mac revealed on Twitter that he and Lord Finesse had recently spoke but came to no resolution. “I just talked to Lord Finesse. He’s still suing me,”

Mac Miller – Kool Aid & Frozen Pizza

Lord Finesse – Hip 2 Da Game


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