Are You Looking For A Record Label? Sire Records Is Now Accepting Music Submissions

Music Submissions for Sire Records – Sire Records is an American record label, owned by Warner Music Group and distributed through Warner Bros. Records.

Current roster includes: Against Me, Blu, Eisley, Evan Taubenfeld, Fountains of Wayne, Foxy Shazam, HIM, Jack’s Mannequin, LIGHTS, Meg & Dia, Never Shout Never, Regina Spektor, Tegan and Sara, The Maine, The Spill Canvas, The Veronicas

Submit/apply here.

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9 Responses to Are You Looking For A Record Label? Sire Records Is Now Accepting Music Submissions

  1. Kostas says:

    Name: Falirakias
    Genre: Electronic, Hip Hop, Trap, Rap
    All beats are mine 100%.
    Playlist contains Hip Hop, Trap and Rap beats:

  2. Artist: Dance Macabre
    Genre: Electronic, Hip-hop, Dubstep
    These are all original songs done by me, check them out, I’ve worked very hard on production, mixing and mastering these tunes! Much love

  3. Splendeeds musiq says:

    Splendeeds Media – specialise in producing splendid compositions for TV shows, Movies, Adverts, Wedding & telecommunication purposes, as well as other multimedia. Also into music publishing, artist management, event planning, shows, stage management, marketing, printing, publicity, video directing & Demo submission to A&R globally.

    For more enquiries email

  4. Jon Moody says:

    Lol were to start… rock artist with passion to help other artist reach thier dreams, from NY Jon moody

  5. GeminiGthang says:


    Producer/Rap artist GeminiGthang Upcomming Artist..
    Check out my soundcloud for more G delicious sounds…

    Stay Tuned as New Updates Are Made Frequently .., Like & Share! …
    Nothing but love…………………………….
    I hope you enjoy the music..

  6. sun god assassin says:

    What good yo?? So look i gotta crazy hot sound im a beat maker/ emcee livin in tha atlanta area my flow is comparible to planet asia mixed wit a touch of wacloud( wu tang affiliate) as far as beats im comparible to mr. Green!! 100% underground back packer flava for tha real hip hop hedz!!!

  7. T.J. says:

    What you really need to do, is have an open submission for tracks. Most importantly, you should make it free to submit. That would prove that there aren’t anterior motives.

  8. I have ten originally recorded and fully licensed songs. I literally have 36,000,000 MySpace Music Plays. I would be an asset to your label, if you release my album.
    My stage name is either Arin Lird or Aron Lyrd, whichever you prefer.

  9. Shoat says:

    I have material and artist that can help your label, catch up with the big boys.I’m in portland, where it’s so much talent that haven’t been discover yet.hit me up for some face time and talk bout the future of hip hop.

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