Rumor Has It That Octomom Is Releasing A Rap Song

So, I’m on and I see an an article about Octomom releasing a rap song. This sounded a little crazy to me so I looked into it. So far no credible links to confirm the story but the reports say the song will be released via Global Groove Entertainment.

The news of a rap song seem to be the latest event in a long line of exploitation. Octomom [real name Nadya Suleman]  recently released a self pleasure sex tape which didn’t generate alot of headlines. You may remember a few years ago Nadya Suleman was heavily criticized for bargaining with television networks for a reality tv show which would feature her [now fourteen] children [It is interesting to note that she criticized the reality show “Kate +8” for exploiting children].

I won’t be holding my breath for the song’s release. Fingers crossed that maybe, just maybe it’ll be an honest attempt at self expression. Who knows?

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