Shellie Zimmerman Arrested and Charged With Perjury

George Zimmerman has been remanded to police custody after it was determined that he hid his finances from the court at a bond hearing. Now Shellie Zimmerman [the wife of the George Zimmeman who shot and killed Trayvon Martin] has been arrested on charges of perjury. Shellie allegedly committed perjury in court during George Zimmerman’s bond hearing in April.

The charges stem from recorded phone calls of her and George Zimmerman while he was in jail. The two allegedly discussed their finances in code. Money raised from a website that accepted donations for Zimmerman’s defense fund and living expenses were excluded from Zimmerman’s statement of income. Shellie Zimmerman told the court in telephone testimony that she didn’t know how much money was in her husband’s PayPal account.

Some reports say Sheriff’s deputies arrested Shellie Zimmerman at her home in Seminole County others say that Shellie turned herself in. At any rate, Shellie Zimmerman was subsequently released on $1,000 bond.

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