50 Cent – God Gave Me Style [Official Music Video]

Damn, I’m just wondering why this couldn’t have been a lead single. I’m feelin’ it [minus the shout outs at the end] 50 Cent – God Gave Me Style from the album “The Massacre” :

“God Gave Me Style”

But you can’t convince me the Lord don’t love me
When my cd’s drop, they sell the best
You call it luck, why can’t it just be I’m blessed
I’m a trackstar, runnin’ through life, chasin’ my dream
Best deal I made was tradin’ the mic for that triple beam.
I zone off thinkin’ is there really heaven or hell
So what happens to a changed man who dies in a cell?
I need no answers to these questions, cuz time will tell
Got a date with destiny, she’s more than a girl
Don’t much good come from me, but my music
Is a gift given from God. so I’ma use it (Yeaaah!) [Read more]


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