Harvard Economist: Obamacare Is Insane. Medicare Should be Phased Out

I USUALLY find the videos from LearnLiberty.org to be fairly informative and unbiased. I have found atleast one exception. The following video features a man named Jeff Miron. Jeff addresses what he refers to as “Obamacare” and utilizes the word “insane” atleast twice during the course of the video.

I find it disturbing that I actually had an expectation of this video to be fact based and informative. The most interesting point that “Dr.” Miron makes is that Medicare should eventually be phased out completely:

“One year after the passage of major health care legislation, Harvard economist Jeff Miron says more reform is still needed. Dr. Miron gives his top 3 policy proposals for fixing the U.S. health care system: 1) Throw away the notion that health care is a right; 2) Repeal Obamacare; and 3) Phase out Medicare.”

Top Three Health Care Policy Proposals

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