The Decline Of Congressional Speech Or More Effective Communication?

Report: Our Representative Congress Has Become Dumber 

I got a kick out of this and [sigh] I have to credit sxephil for the lead. It appears that the Sunlight foundation has been monitoring Congressional speech and determined that the average speech in Congress has dropped one full grade:

American Idiots: Congress Dumbs Itself Down One Full Grade Level

The Sunlight foundation analyzed Congressional speech and found that over the past seven years they’ve gone from talking like high school juniors to sophomores. While many factors account for the full-grade level drop off, the study found that the 2010 freshman class of Tea Party Republicans are partly responsible for spreading the stupid. As NPR points out: “Of the 10 members speaking at the lowest grade level, all but two are freshmen, and every one is a Republican.” [Read more]

Interesting to note the Sunflower foundation says that Congressional speech is still allegedly way over the average citizens head as we [the people] are believed to function [on average] between an 8th and 9th reading level. Wow…all I can say is wow.

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