Angela Corey Says “Stand Your Ground Law” Does Not Apply To Marissa Alexander

Marissa Alexander, a Florida mother of three was sentenced to 20 years in prison for shooting at her husband. Alexander’s family says she was shooting a warning shot and hoped to argue a defense based on Florida’s controversial ‘Stand Your Ground‘ law.

The State Prosecutor who oversaw the Alexander case says that Marissa was not a victim and that she was angry when she fired a shot at Rico Gray. Alexander was prosecuted by the same state attorney’s office overseeing the Trayvon Martin shooting.

Both Zimmerman and Alexander’s cases have stirred controversy surrounding Florida’s Stand Your Ground gun law. Florida’s Stand Your Ground Law allows citizens wide discretion in using deadly force to defend themselves. Alexander invoked the Stand Your Ground law in her defense. She was charged with aggravated assault in August 2010. Neighborhood watchman George Zimmerman who has been charged with second-degree murder charge is also expected to invoke the Stand Your Ground law in his defense.

Alexander’s family and a growing her growing group of supporters have denounced her prosecution by Corey’s office. Alexander’s husband, Rico Gray has reportedly admitted in court documents to beating, choking and punching women, including Alexander.

There are articles circulating the web that claim

1. Alexander was cornered in the couple’s Jacksonville home.

2. She ran into the garage to escape and was trapped behind a jammed door, she said in court documents.

3. Alexander said she grabbed the gun she kept in the garage, returned to the house and, when Gray threatened to kill her, fired a single shot to ward him off.

The day of the shooting Gray fled the home with his two sons and called the police. Alexander was arrested and eventually convicted of three counts of aggravated assault. A judge rejected Alexander’s appeal for a new trial.

State Attorney Angela Corey said her office considered all the details of the case before moving forward with Alexander’s prosecution. She said the facts don’t support Alexander’s self-defense claim.

While Alexander’s family and her attorney have claimed Alexander fired a warning shot into the ceiling, Corey said a bullet hole in the wall shows the gun was aimed much lower. The shot Alexander fired appears to have struck to the right of an archway between the kitchen and living room, where Gray and his two young sons were.

Due to Florida’s “10-20-Life” statutes, Alexander was sentenced to the mandatory term of 20 years. Some of Alexander’s supporter have speculated that race was a factor in the case. There is an online pettition for Governor Rick Scott to pardon Marissa Alexander. You can view the petition here.

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3 Responses to Angela Corey Says “Stand Your Ground Law” Does Not Apply To Marissa Alexander

  1. Kira says:

    She had a restraining order against him. She cannot just walk into a property he lives in and demand that the restraining order means HE has to leave the premises. That’s not how it works.

    She walked into a property she knew he lived in, thinking he wasn’t there at the time (without calling him or making sure), to retrieve clothes. He returned to the house he lived in with THEIR CHILDREN only to find her there. He neither threatened her (according to her own testimony), laid a hand on her or was violent towards her in any way. They VERBALLY argued over her infidelity (someone she backed up in court), only for her to then leave the house, retrieve a gun from her car, then RETURN TO THE HOUSE and THREATEN HIM (the home owner).

    With her husband standing NEAR THEIR CHILDREN she fired a “warning shot” that RICOCHETED and hit the ceiling. Not only was her “warning shot” illegal, as he (as she stated in trial) was not threatening her and it was clearly an attempt at intimidation of HIM because he wouldn’t back down from the argument) but it put his life and her CHILDRENS at serious risk. Which a lot of ignorant morons who do not understand how easily bullets can ricochet and splinter do no seem to grasp.

    She was arrested for reckless endangerment of children and firearm offences due to the illegal discharge.

    She was offered both a 3 year plea bargain and then later a SUSPENDED SENTENCE WITH PROBATION PLEA BARGAIN (meaning she would have received no jail time at all) after repeated attempts by her defence for her to take it.

    The prosecution is not racist in having someone prosecuted for the crime they committed. Nor is the Judge responsible for sentencing them for the crime they’ve committed just because the STATE required mandatory minimum sentencing. The Judge has absolutely no discretion on that and offered her his condolences IN trial that he had to sentence her so harshly, as the Judge was in favour of the plea deals.

    The ONLY issue with all of this is the ridiculous laws in place that require a 20 year sentence because a firearm is involved. THAT’S the only issue. It’s not because she’s black (because many others have been arrested and sentenced to 20 years for crimes less serious than her in the same sorts of situations and they haven’t been black) and it’s not because she’s a woman (as the last few people sentenced the same as her have been men, including white men).

    What we’re seeing is a lot of idiots jumping on the bandwagon of ignorant, moronic individuals who have not even remotely looked into the case. Understanding she deserved to be convicted of the crime does not mean you support the 20 years she received, and understanding that will help lead to the law being changed. Nor does understanding she deserved to be sentenced for these crimes means you’re the same as the Zimmerman supporters racistly supporting this verdict for unrelated reasons to the trial.

  2. This sounds like there is more to the story

  3. Jueseppi B. says:

    “Marissa Alexander, a Florida mother of three was sentenced to 20 years in prison for shooting at her husband.”….. Ms. Alexander NEVER shot at her husband, she shot in the ceiling above his head.

    Angela Corey is a stupid uneducated unqualified racist prosecutor. Check her record on the race of those she convicts.

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