Racial Slur on Michigan Road Sign Targets Trayvon Martin Case

If the Trayvon Martin slaying wasn’t complicated enough on it’s own merit, it will be soon. I’m all for racial dialogue but this is just idiocy. Here is the latest distraction reported in the national news-
There was an electronic Michigan Dept. of Transportation sign that was altered this past weekend to say “Trayvon, A Ni****”

It was reported that Michigan State Police troopers responded and contacted a sign supervisor to fix the message. The control box on the sign had been unlocked and the keyboard used to write messages was missing.

State police searched other construction message signs on the highway to make sure they weren’t hacked. This was the only sign reported as tampered with. There have been no leads as to who actually tampered with the signs. Cowardly acts such as this serve no purpose other than to distract.  SMH.

Source articles:
Racial slur on Mich. road sign targets Trayvon Martin
Trayvon racial slur on Mich road sign
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2 Responses to Racial Slur on Michigan Road Sign Targets Trayvon Martin Case

  1. amy says:

    People are forgetting that a child has lost his life! Black, white, green, or blue: A CHILD! Those in denial that say and want to believe that racism does not still exist, can they still honestly make such claim? Hello! Racism is still very real

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