David Banner Addresses V-Nasty’s Use Of The N-Word


David Banner on #Swayinthemorning Part 2

David Banner 1David Banner was recently on the shade45 radio #Swayinthemorning. You can watch the first part of the interview here. In the second part of the interview Sway plays a clip of Mistah FAB endorsing V-Nasty’s use of the N-word. Sway then turns and asks Banner if it is confusing to fans to hear a black man endorse the use of the N-word from a white person:

Banner quickly avoids a versus situation by stating “everyone is entitled to their own opinion”.

It seems that Banner is endorsing a view that people from the same struggle can share a mutual politically incorrect tradition without it being considered disrespectful. Banner says that “her (V-Nasty) people were not hung from trees.” He then goes on to say that  “we (blacks in U.S.) had to internalize the word nigga because (we) couldn’t get away from it. We were slaves.”

Banner also makes references to the power structure in Hollywood and claims that “if you say the things that they say then the lights start goin’ off”.

David Banner claims that he wants people to ponder and ask “what is enough? If it aint the word nigga then what about this disrespecting of God?” Banner doesn’t name anyone in particular (but the general consensus has been that he is speaking about Odd Future or Lil’ B). Banner then says “If it’s poppin’ and it’s making money then it (seems) acceptable. What’s not acceptable? It’s like anything in our culture is for sale.”

There’s been a variety of responses around the blogosphere. Here’s one youtuber’s response  in the vlog that stood out to me:

Imma white nigga coz I come from Poland, when blacks where shipped as slaves to all over the world, my country was erased from the maps of Europe for 123 years, then we suffered raped by Nazis, Holocaust & Stalin & his bunch of murderers. Check out the suffering of my kindred
I can relate to Nigga pain.So I can say Nigga whenever the fuck I want! BTW fuck Vnasty in her ass. D. Banner is respectable. But niggas please leave the Nword debate as everybody is saying it for a long time now.


Just before the video ends D. Banner then asks “Can I please get to this blog shit right quick…?” So it seems that Banner has a bone to pick with bloggers. We get to that in part 3.


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