Youtube Buzzing Over New White Girl Rapper??

Artist Spotlight: Meet Bakko

Youtube is starting to embrace this girl. The attention grabbing video title says “KREAYSHAWN GOT COMPETITION WHITE GIRL RAPPING”. It features an unknown femcee rapping over a table beat and then singing a love ballad (about marijuana). The video has become a YT crowd favorite. It is currently at over 100,000 views with a total of 1,076 likes and 80 dislikes.

The video left me wanting more information. Had no idea what the girls name was until I browsed through all 600 plus comments and found:

hey people im the girl in the vid..let it be known, i don’t consider myself a rapper its just a hobby of mine..I do it for fun. Anyways singing is what im really tryin to pursue. click my channel if yall wanna hear some of my songs…peace… šŸ˜‰


So it turns out that she’s a singer, not a rapper at all. Here’s a sample of what her YT channel has to offer:

After doing a little searching around I was able to finally come uponĀ this interview. In case you wondering like me, here’s a little more information about Bakko:

According to her name is Barbare Mchedlishvili AKA Bakko. She was born inĀ Tbilisi, Georgia (located in Eastern Europe). Bakko came to America at age 6 and grew up in central Virginia. Her singing career started at the age of 12 Ā and she learned to play the guitar during visits to her native country. She has attended an art school where she majored in visual arts. Read more.

I think the chic is dope. What’chu think?

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4 Responses to Youtube Buzzing Over New White Girl Rapper??

  1. Anonymous says:

    you are good at rapping tho and i like you music alot lol

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