Youtube Buzzing Over New White Girl Rapper??

Artist Spotlight: Meet Bakko

Youtube is starting to embrace this girl. The attention grabbing video title says “KREAYSHAWN GOT COMPETITION WHITE GIRL RAPPING”. It features an unknown femcee rapping over a table beat and then singing a love ballad (about marijuana). The video has become a YT crowd favorite. It is currently at over 100,000 views with a total of 1,076 likes and 80 dislikes.

The video left me wanting more information. Had no idea what the girls name was until I browsed through all 600 plus comments and found:

hey people im the girl in the vid..let it be known, i don’t consider myself a rapper its just a hobby of mine..I do it for fun. Anyways singing is what im really tryin to pursue. click my channel if yall wanna hear some of my songs…peace… 😉


So it turns out that she’s a singer, not a rapper at all. Here’s a sample of what her YT channel has to offer:

After doing a little searching around I was able to finally come upon this interview. In case you wondering like me, here’s a little more information about Bakko:

According to her name is Barbare Mchedlishvili AKA Bakko. She was born in Tbilisi, Georgia (located in Eastern Europe). Bakko came to America at age 6 and grew up in central Virginia. Her singing career started at the age of 12  and she learned to play the guitar during visits to her native country. She has attended an art school where she majored in visual arts. Read more.

I think the chic is dope. What’chu think?

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4 Responses to Youtube Buzzing Over New White Girl Rapper??

  1. Anonymous says:

    you are good at rapping tho and i like you music alot lol

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