Anonymous Tip Leads To Boskoe1 Arrest [Video]

An amatuer video shot by an observer has surfaced in which Boskoe1 can be seen being handcuffed and searched. The actual time and date of the video is currently unkown. Boskoe1 first gained nationwide notoriety and headlines when a street fight between him and RoseMo700 was caught on film.

The video title is “BOSKOE1 Arrested!..POLICE GOT A CALL SAYIN BOSKOE1 MIGHT BE WANTED! ” Currently there is not alot of other information available. Perhaps an anonymous call was made and the caller gave Boskoe’s description. Boskoe himself doesn’t speak, however the audio from the video does provide some clues.

Throughout the video the voice of bystanders can be heard asking about the reason for the arrest and responding “wow”. It seems as if the arrest caught Boskoe and others by surprise.

When questioned, the officer’s response was inaudible but my guess is that she said “we got a call about someone who might be wanted”. The bystander [woman] then repeats “They got a call that he might be wanted for something? Wow. All I have to say is wow” after which  Boskoe1 can then be seen being lead away by police officers:

Bystander1: “They got a call?  What…? What was the call?” [the reason for police presence]

Officer: “What was that? Somebody called…[inaudible]”

Bystander1: “I’m glad you just got out” [to Boskoe]

Bystander2: “wow”

From what I can tell, the audio suggests that prior to being arrested Boskoe had just come from prison. If that is true then it is likely he would have been cleared and let go. The video does not definitively show whether Boskoe was actually taken away in a cruiser or let go after an identification check.

The next thing that I might assume is that some of the neighbors in the area aren’t interested in seeing Boskoe around. If that is the case then he shouldn’t be surprised if the cops are called every time he sneezes.

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