Beyonce, About the Baby Bump…Umm…People Don’t Believe You

In the following video Beyonce says that it’s September 23rd and she is 6 months pregnant. Maybe she meant to say that it was Novemeber 23rd. Initial reports say that Beyonce was due in February 2012. Details like that are just drumming up more speculation about whether Beyonce is actually carrying a child.

Mixed responses are coming in from the Youtube crowd:

When Bey is On 20/20 This Coming Friday she would clear all of these stupid rumors up for all of the haters!!!!!!! so they can go away & shut up.!!!!!!people need to stop believing everything they hear & read in the media, because the lies too. people need to use their words carfully because their words can come back to bite them. if she is 7 or 8 months along then I hope she has a very healthy preganancy, safe delivery and a very healthy beautiful baby!!!!! May God Bless Her, Jay & Baby Carter
every one has the right to believe whatever they want to believe the truth will come out sooner or later right ?
@MCLAMB4LIFE1 exactly but you know the truth will come out sooner or later. i personally dont have anything against her just all this is just ridiculous.
MediaTakeOut Lies!!!!!!! they are the ones who started all of this “Fake Preganancy” Mess in the first place. her preganancy is real ppl. if you don’t believe me then go google those pics of her showing off bare baby bump almost 2 weeks ago in mami or in Italy in sept!!!!! for God’s sakes she doesn’t have a fake a preganancy to get attention or prove herself to any of ya’ll. it’s so sad that people or treating her the same way they treated MJ. leave her alone and let her enjoy her preganancy!!
Oh baby, she is sinking in the Hollywood mock and mire. I’m losing respect for this diva. If she comes clean with the public on what’s going on she’ll survive what ever this lie is…oh baby is right.
plus she said she was 3 months in august -_- in an interview
I’m pretty sure she doesn’t care what you people think . Other times when there were false reports about Beyonce being pregnant , you people believed it . Now that she’s ACTUALLY pregnant , everyone wants to say she’s not pregnant and accuse her of lying . You guys are leaving your opinions, when truth be told she doesn’t care . I wouldn’t care either if i had money like her .
So pretty much she’s due in December instead of February? Yep. Beause in all her interviews she’s NEVER ACTUALLY SAID she was due in Feb. She pays attention to detail.
Funny How Her Due Date Is February But She Was 6 Months On September So The Baby Should Be Due December Right ? Unless She’s Planning On Carrying The Baby For an extra 2 months ? lml Beyonce lets see how long you’re going to keep this up. you’re loosing a lot of fans because of this :T

Go to to see 3:50 the baby bump pics below:


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2 Responses to Beyonce, About the Baby Bump…Umm…People Don’t Believe You

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