Is Mac Miller A Douche Bag??

I had been hearing this kid Mac Miller’s name for about 6 months (Mostly on Thisis50) before I actually went to check out who he is. Ofcourse Youtube is my favorite tool when gauging an unfamiliar artist. After listening to two or three songs and an interview I came to the conclusion that I liked Mac Miller. I forgot what song it was that jumped out at me. I think it was Frick Park Market.  The lyric that stood out to me said somethin’ about not having a template for his songs or somethin’ like that. I thought to myself, “Yeah, no template. No manufactured music. I like that”

At any rate, I had not/have not heard enough of his music to act like a Stan. So I won’t sit here and pretend to be the Mac Miller expert but last week I found something interesting while I wasn’t looking for it. It was a youtube clip of someone confronting Mac Miller about “stealing beats”.

In the video a couple of dudes can be seen trying to get next to Mac Miller and talk to him. At the time he is carrying on a conversation with a female who is trying to convince him to check out a website. Meanwhile dude is trying to get parallel with Miller while asking him questions. He starts with “That was a dope mixtape. How come La la la la wasn’t on it?”

Then he asks Miller “who produced that  La la la la instrumental?”

Mac Miller responds: I don’t know

After watching the vid a second time I began to notice that Mac was intentionally ignoring these dudes the whole time that he was talking to the female. It’s as if he knew why they were there before they told him. To me Das #bitchassness to the 10th degree, no matter what they were there for.

Turns out the fans waiting for Miller after his show were the actual producers of La la la. According to them, they had contacted Mac several times asking him to give credit to their team for producing La la la la. Mac claimed that he never received an email from anyone about it. His tone and facial expression came across as suspect. The cats who confronted him didn’t seem like they were there on some disrespectful ish though. One man can be heard saying several times that he wanted to talk like a gentleman. Miller’s body guard stepped in eventually and turned it up a lil bit. He can be seen smacking the camera and trying to bait the dudes into a fight. My blood pressure went up a lil bit while watching this. I completely understood where the producers of La la la la were coming from.

I’ll dissect that video some more later. But back to my point. Why lie about something like that? Das a bitch move. If you didn’t pay for the beat, why not give credit for it?

But It gets worse. In the related videos I found the song La la la la (which wasn’t that great) and the credits for the producer of the track wasn’t there. Mac said he would correct it but presently the credits are not there. Could it be because one of those same producers bad mouthed Mac Miller in a video? If so, that would be #bitchmove number 2.

In a different vid/interview Mac Miller complains about people hating on him and getting harsh reviews. He reminds everyone that he is just a 19 year old kid:

Since when does a legal adult refer to himself as just a kid? It sounds like something his parents told him to say in response to criticism. I don’t even like it when my 13 year old niece uses that excuse.  When 19 year olds refer to themselves as kids as if they are looking for some kind of pass I can’t ph**k widdit. I’m not used to that. It’s one thing if I refer to him as a kid, and a completely different thing when he refers to himself as a kid. The streets aint ph**kin wit dat. I’m sure most of hiphop in general aint used to that either.

And now I’m reminded why the streets aint ph**kin’ wit certain rappers. They lack the culture. Hiphop was born in the streets therefor it will always be hard to separate the two. Own up and take charge of your sh*t.

I’ve been thinking about this for some time. There needs to be more clarity about the difference between Hiphop and rap. Rap is something you do. Hiphop is something you live. Just because you rap doesn’t make you a part of Hiphop. Though I had high hopes for Mac Miller (especially after all the props he gave to DJ Premiere) I’m beginning to fear that he will never be Hiphop. A decent rapper but not Hiphop. I already feel this way about a couple of other cats. Maybe I’ll do a series: Rappers who are good but they still aint Hiphop Pt. 1

“Everyone that hates you are hating on a 19 yr old kid that… I just like showing love to everyone who deserves love.
My whole thing is I just got love. I love music. Just to let them know that they are hating on a 19 year old kid that has nothing but positivity and love in his heart. So how do you sleep at night?”

It makes sense to me now that a site like would rip his album but a network like MTV would praise it. It makes perfect sense. I’ve been trying to think of a name to describe Hiphop’ step children like Mac. You know, kids who love to rhyme but lack the culture. I think I have one, but I’m not ready to release it yet.

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12 Responses to Is Mac Miller A Douche Bag??

  1. Mark says:

    Know this is extremely old but yes he’s a douchebag saw him in shoreditch London few months ago and seeing as In one of his songs he says say what up if you see me around I approached him and he just left for the elevators saying I needa go. Bare in mind I was ultra respectful, way more than he deserved

  2. Harry says:

    there are definitely subtle, underlying biased here in this “review”. firstly there should not be a quote to meet when it comes to music – if you are good – then you are indeed good. It would be self defeating if you only based whether hes good or not on “who phucks with him”. there are millions of people who hypothetically “phuck with him”, that you dont know and have no relation to your perception on life. albeit, this is all relevative to the authors apparent prodigious skill at giving what he calls a “good review”.
    point is – if you dont Phuck with him, hes still going to be liked because his music is well rounded. your judging his concepts on poetic theory based on a ignorant promulgation of your mentality and how basically white people don’t have a place in rap culture and you try to compare to stan every time. wtf… your a troll if you really think mac is anything like eminem. that comment in itself, and simply based on the blantent contradicitons of ” i watched his youtube videos and i decided i like him” ” to i think thats a bitchmove, and i dont like him” makes this review negated.

  3. Demeter Enzio says:

    Remember that old gangstarr song Suckas Need Bodyguards?
    Thats my point

  4. Jackson says:

    Whoever wrote this article is fuckin dumb. Everything you say is over exaggerated. He was ignoring the dumb asses from Up North Productions cause they were trying to interrupt his conversation. Actually Mac was pretty polite to the dudes despite the fact they were bein pretty invasive and started shit with the body guard. The guys in Up North Productions are fucking idiots, and its pretty obvious.
    I fail to see where Mac complains about haters in the second video, hes actually open to criticism and doesn’t really care what other people think. Ur obviously making shit up just to hate on Mac Miller. Again, ur fuckin dumb man, a 19 year old is still a kid, still a teenager. Where the fuck do u get the idea that a 19 year old is an adult? Hes not using his age as an excuse, he was obviously bein sarcastic. If your gonna write a column about videos you should probably make sure that you do a much better job at “dissecting” them, cause frankly you suck balls at it.
    What the fuck do you mean by “the streets don’t fuck with him?” No shit dumbs, hes not from the streets, and you don’t have to be from the streets to be a hiphop/rap artist, that just ignorant to say.
    Hip hop is a way of life? If thats true then I’m pretty sure that Mac Miller is living the hip hop life. Hes been rapping since he was 14, he came out of high school to pursue a career in hip hop instead of going to college. He risked everything he had for music and he works pretty hard at it. Mac is a bomb ass rapper and hip hop artist. Oh and about your comment that Mac won’t be good… He makin dope ass music, sellin out concerts and makin bank… Id like to know who the other “cats” are that you think wouldn’t be good…

  5. jason says:

    Jesus christ can we not spell FUCKING right?

  6. Anonymous says:

    You use words like phuck and bitchness. You’re not hiphop or rap. You’re just wack. You automatically invalidate your opinion when you speak like a child.

    • If it was rewritten [the way you like it] in proper grammar and text would the opinion then be valid?

    • Self expression comes in all forms including the manner in which you speak or the way one chooses to spell. There are no rules to self expression but you knew that. Oh, and I believe the term was #bitchASSness. I don’t always proofread when I’m in a rush so I could’ve unintentionally “ph**ked” up my own word, lol. My style of writing is unique but they say that I manage to communicate effectively anyway. Did you understand it?

  7. Rowlly says:

    His music talks about, weed, weed, weed, weed, weed, girls? hm with his ugly facial im pretty sure he needs to pay them girls to show up on stage or on videos, yeah this is the greatest rapper ever!! for sure!! if he was in front of me i would defo rock him in his face with his nose bone! douche bag!

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  10. dieta says:

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