Inspectah Deck Looks Forward To The Future

Earlier this year while on the set for the video shoot of Cappadonna’s “Milk This Cow” Inspectah Deck briefly spoke with FORBEZDVD. During the interview INS kept a humble perspective when asked about the idea that he sets the tone for some major Wu records.

FORBEZDVD: What is it about Deck that he has go to first most of the time? [You] set that tone for where the record is going to go from there?

Inspectah Deck: I can’t call it. It’s a roll of the dice… You’re trying to win regardless of how it come out. When I go on the track I know I got Meth,Ghost,Rae,Cap…I got big guns right there.  If I aint bustin off hard as I can….we pulls the spatula out. You gotta get off the track.

FORBEZDVD: What’s your favorite Inspectah Deck verse?

Inspectah Deck: Honestly, some new shit I just heard. On Solomon Child’s new album…I heard the verse and I was inspired like “who’s that? Oh shit…” It was me.

Inspectah Deck: Stop trying to bring New York back. Bring it forward. I’m looking forward. I’m looking for that 2015 (sound).


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2 Responses to Inspectah Deck Looks Forward To The Future

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  2. My favorite Deck verse is from “Triumph”, he has the best flow.

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