Fred the Godson “Shake The Block” [Music Video]

I didn’t know what to think a while back when it seemed like Fred came out of nowhere and was all over Thisis50.  But it’s obvious that Big Bronx is here to stay. I’m coo widdit, especially after the joint he did with “Madd Rapper”.

I caught this vid on rotation @ The Youtube description explains: Godson is turning up the energy in anticipation of the release of his mixtape “City of God” on Nov 14, 2011. This video is a visual to accompany a verse that Fred did for Hot 97’s DJ Bobby Trends. It was shot by Taya Simmons. I’m not sure where the verse originated from but I had to post this one on the strength of the Celtics fitted he rockin’.

Keep ya eyes and ears open for “City of God” the mixtape.


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