What Causes Racial Tension Anyway?


Racial harmonyIt seems that there is no shortage of conflict between people. One of the most talked about but least understood illnesses known to mankind is racism. Now I usually listen instead of speak when it comes to matters of race because I haven’t met any two people who will define the word the same. In fact, I’ve found that more often then not people who are accused of racism are usually victims of “cultural misunderstanding”. Yep, I coined that phrase all by myself. Atleast, I think I did. To explain cultural misunderstanding I am going to need to post a separate article all unto itself but simple put, it means using personal bias when interpreting someone’s intent.

So other than personal bias, what causes racial tension? I have my theories but I am not really sure. You might laugh at this but I actually used a search engine to see what other folks had to say about the matter. I’m glad that I did. After searching through a few pages and doing some spot reading I found an informative if not atleast funny article that I want to share with you:

Most people do not know that sexuality is a major weapon for keeping humans mashed under the thumbs of unscrupulous leaders. For several decades, I have been studying these matters. I am certain that someone has a vested interest in the racial division between American Blacks and Whites. We should no longer allow them to manipulate us like puppets on strings.
One anomalous mystery I have been trying to understand is why White and Black men and women are so sexually hungry for each other. The people who own all the money and power in this country use this mutual sexual passion Whites and Blacks have for each other to turn us into wind-up toys. We are robotically controlled two ways. One is to keep the Black male disenfranchised. The other is to keep White males and Black females separated from each other at all costs.
In the 1950s, I wrote three articles for the African-American newspaper, Philadelphia Enquirer, discussing these matters. In the March 8, 1958 edition, The Enquirer published my article, Here’s Why Whites Persecute Negroes. I stated that the White man has persecuted Blacks for many hundreds of years because he feels sexually inferior to them. I also predicted that when Negroes got their civil rights, our White women would show a decided preference for them. At the time, I hadn’t yet come to realize that White men and Black women are equally hungry for each other although I had been dallying with Black women for some time.
My father was a rich real estate man and apartment house owner in the predominantly Black section of Wichita, Kansas. So hungry was I for Black women, I occupied one of Dad’s apartments there, just to be near them. I was not at all sneaky about being with these women. On the contrary, I was proud of my great taste in chocolate-covered women.
For a while, I quit my father’s business to work at Beech Aircraft. One day, I told some men in my department that I was enjoying a ‘full service’ relationship with a beautiful Black woman. Having heard that, one man got up and yelled,’Hey, everybody! Gene told me that he’s playing around with N____ women. I’d never stoop to doing anything like that!’
The next day, he came over to my desk and said, ‘Gene, will you please invite me over to your apartment so that I can meet Black women?’

Read that entire article by clicking here. I think that you’ll enjoy it.

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