Method Man Wants Tyler The Creator To Produce A Song on Crystal Meth

Method Man is in the process of putting together his fifth solo album, The Crystal Meth. Finding the right producers for the project hasn’t gone as smoothly as the Wu Tang Clan rapper would have liked. Attempts to get Just Blaze and Timbaland on board the project didn’t pan out.

Meth still has one artist in mind that he would very much like to work with. During his chat with Vibe, he mentioned that he really likes what Odd Future’s Tyler, The Creator is doing.

“Right now I want to get that kid from Odd Future, Tyler, The Creator — I just want to hear some of the sh*t he got. He’s in that vain that I like as far as beats go. I would want him to produce something. As far as rhyming on some sh*t I would leave that up to him. Because like I said a lotta people sleep on Meth — don’t sleep on me I’m dope.”

The new album doesn’t yet have a release date. (source)

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