David Banner Addresses The Music Industry In New Song – Swag [Audio]

Meaningful music may be on the up tick. David Banner has been a self proclaimed activist for years but recently he has been alot more visible. Along with addressing police brutality Banner took a swipe at a few emcees in a new song called “Swag” that he released last month. He has now dropped a video for the song and doesn’t seem to be showing any signs of slowing down. In the song David Banner announces that he is “no preacher/bitch, I’m  a teacher/more like a thinker/dreamer/believer….”

It’s hard to keep up with all the rappers that he takes a swipe at. The chorus line definitely addresses V-Nasty: “white girls calling us nigga/and we just sit back and laugh-swag/”. It goes on though…he seems to be mocking Lil B and Soulja Boy at the same time by doing the “Swag” dance during the video (lmfao). I’m not sure who he is refering to when he says “I’m hearing (rappers) dissing God/ Ya’ll think it’s witty.” Calling out Jay-z or Odd Future? Banner says to the listener “don’t buy into everything that these rappers are selling.” At any rate I like it so I’m putting you onto it. SWAG!! 

Here’s a review that TheNikbagTVzone did on the song: 

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