Artists Can Submit Now For The Live Wire TV Showcase!

Wane Enterprises and Live Wire TV invite you to submit to an interview and performance with “Live Wire TV”. This is an opportunity for you to have our affiliates watch how you conduct yourself during an interview by showing your personality and presence. You also get to perform a song which will demonstrate your showmanship and song structure.
There are 5 slots reserved for ReverbNation artists submitting.

Sunday, June 12th
Champion Studios – New York, NY
Fri Jun 10

Wane Enterprises is a multimedia company thats specializes in artist showcases, promotions, video shoots and more. We have 10 years of experience in the music business, and in that time we have made firm relationships within the business with people that matter. “Wane Enterprises” has worked with and are official talent Scouts For DEFJAM, VIOLATOR Management, ASYLUM Records, E1 Music Formerly KOCH Records, D Block , LOD, and so forth.
Live Wire TV has been airing throughout New York City for over 5 years. Due to a highly demanded schedule we put the Showcase on hold, but we have revived the series and will be filming for our next season beginning June 12th at Champion Studios in New York. Performing and being interviewed on The Live wire TV Showcase has helped many artists move forward in their career.
How Does This It Benefit The Artist: This a real chance to get exposed to the industry! Stop sending demos that end up in the trash! “Wane Enterprises” serves as the filter to A&R reps. We bridge the gap between the artist and the Industry. Don’t wait – be seen, heard, and discovered now.
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2 Responses to Artists Can Submit Now For The Live Wire TV Showcase!

  1. Michael Stanz says:

    Thanks for the info 🙂

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