Hottst New Artist Song Contest 2011


The Hottest New Artist song contest is seeking submissions in
various genre categories including hip-hop, R&B, holy hip-hop,
gospel, country, rock, pop, metal, jazz, inspirational,
alternative, comedic, and more.

Entries will be played on air on the Hottest New Artist radio show, which airs Thursday nights at 8 PM on, at 1340AM on the radio dial, or on The show broadcasts to 70,000 listeners in the Richmond, VA area and on the internet.

Songs are judged by industry professionals, radio show callers, internet polls, and event attendees (based on live on video performances).
Submissions will be screened on production quality, originality,
song writing overall impact and radio readiness. Artists should
edit out explicit lyrics; no re-mixes or samples please. The
contest is open to US Citizens, residents and US military members
serving overseas. Submit by July 1, 2011.

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