Artist Spotlight: ChordSlinger n Lola

Are you looking for a new indie act to follow? ChordSlinger n Lola is more of a pop act than anything else but we can see them going places. I signed up to get email updates and here’s the latest news…

From ChordSlinger n Lola:

Fan Update – We “ChordSlinger n Lola” just met with a label in NYC and they want to produce us and market us.  They are willing to pay for everything.  It is a percentage deal for us and we would retain a percentage of the rights to our music.  We have not drawn up the formal agreement yet, but it looks like we will probably go with this label.  It is a newer label, but they are connected to Universal and a lot of well known musicians.  We will let you know the details as they evolve over the next few months.

You can check out their Reverb page here

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