OVMMUSIC Fall Premiere Project FAQ’s

OVMMUSIC Fall Premiere Project

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I enroll?

Artists 18 years or older wishing to participate in the contest must identify themselves by OVMMUSIC_HEADPHONE_AND_MIC_negative_1.0_1269961631sending an email to OVMMUSIC@GMAIL.COM. The email must include band/group name, a link to the artist’s Reverbnation and Songcastmusic account. Type “Fall Premiere” into the title of the email. Artists can begin contacting their fans and promoting once they receive an approval email containing a unique tracking link. Artists may enter at any time prior to the end date of the contest.

Applying artists must include in the email the name of the song on their Reverbnation profile that they feel best represents them.

Artists are advised to go to   “http://www.reverbnation.com/ovmmusic” and join the “Fall Premiere” Street Team mission for tips and advice on boosting fan participation.

How do I win?

Artists included in the “Fall Premiere” program will be determined by fan support. The winners will be determined by number of unique clicks or visits to the OVMMUSIC profile on SongCastmusic. The artist whose fans generate the highest number of unique visits will be the winner.

8 eligible artists with the highest number of unique clicks will participate in the “Fall Premiere” program. Fans may cast their vote for their favorite artist by going to http://www.songcastmusic.com/profiles/OVMMUSIC and posting “(artist name) has my vote for the Fall Premiere project.”

Be sure to use the unique url provided in your acceptance email in your correspondence to fans and supporters.

What if I wasn’t invited to participate?

This contest is open to all artists 18 years or older whose music falls within the “Urban” category. To be considered artists must have a Reverbnation artist account and a SongCastmusic artist account prior to enrolling. Artists wishing to participate in the contest must send a link to their Reverbnation account and Songcastmusic account to OVMMUSIC@GMAIL.COM. Use “Fall Premiere Contest” in the title of the email and include a link to your Reverbnation and SongCastmusic account. Indicate which song on your Reverbnation profile best represents you. Only serious artists will be considered for this contest. Artists deemed too inexperienced or disingenuine will be notified that they are not eligible to participate.

In order to be eligible artists must be U.S. residents, own their music and be willing to give a non-exclusive license to OVMMUSIC to promote and distribute their music.

Does it cost?

Does it cost money to create a Songcastmusic.com or Reverbnation.com account?

No. Basic artist profiles on both of these sites are currently free.

What do the artists get?

Winning artists who participate in the “Fall Premiere” CD will receive a portion of the proceeds from album sales and will receive ALL profits from individual song downloads made thru OVMMUSIC.

Artists accepted into the “Fall Premiere” Program will be given a 6 month Digital distribution deal for atleast 1 song to be sold as part of an LP and/or individual download.

Digital Distribution deal will include:

Song submission to iTunes, Amazon & More
a custom ad and marketing campaign,
media and blog coverage. Distribution via participating companies,
bragging rights
and assistance with online marketing and traffic driven to key social networking sites.

Artists who are invited to compete for a slot are automatically accepted into OVMMUSIC as an “affiliate”. Artists have bragging rights for being part of an organization bigger than themselves and become part of a team that works hard to make musical careers a reality.

Do I give up the rights to my music?

No. You are simply allowing OVMMUSIC to distribute/promote your music and share the profits.

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What is Urban Music?


Hip-Hop is music that closely resembles rap music, is inspired by inner city life, but is less lyric-centric and often features dance rhythms and melodic choruses. Hip-hop’s signature feature is the manipulation and improvisation of a song that already exists. Hip-hop music is usually club friendly. Ex. “Fatman Scoop”.

Modern R&B

Modern R&B is much more similar to pop music than to traditional rhythm and blues. The focus is on the vocals, which usually feature a strong melody. R&B vocals encompass many aspects of classic soul, like ornate vocal embellishments and spontaneous improvisation. The instrumental accompaniment features a strong backbeat, often similar to hip-hop beats regardless of the tempo. Ex. “Lauren Hill”

Alternative Hip-Hop

Alternative Hip-Hop is music that shares qualities of hip-hop and rap, but is nontraditional. Alternative Hip-Hop is hip-hop fusions with other genres of music such as jazz, country or rock where the instrumental plays a more prominent role than traditionally heard in hip-hop or rap. In addition, alternative hip-hop songs often touch upon more socially-conscious themes in comparison to rap or hip-hop. Ex. “The Roots”.


Rap is mostly lyric-centric. The instrumental accompaniment features a strong backbeat with distinctive drums.  The subject matter can range widely. The lyrics are chanted not sung over a repetitive beat.. Ex. “Wu Tang Clan”

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Who owns/runs OVMMUSIC?

OVMMUSIC is run and funded by music enthusiasts and investors who are really passionate about one thing: self expression.

Why did we create OVMMUSIC?

We are not the type of people who sit back waiting fot things to happen. We MAKE things happen. The founder is a music and film fanatic, who doesn’t just sit idle when there is a problem he can solve.

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• To get the updates follow subzinfo on Facebook or Twitter.

• Do you have a google account? Join the forum on Youtube.


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