SubZero617Radio Enters Top 25 Radio Stations on Radiolicious

Channel Description: SubZero617 expresses himself through styles that vary like night and day. His introspective thought process and DGF attitude at times seem to clash but SUBZERO prides himself on being in touch with his duality.SubZero617’s streaming radio on radiolicious has now entered the top 25 at Artists only Billboards. The radio station has achieved silver status on Silver recognizes stations with over 1,000 listener minutes. artist only billboard charts

SubZero617 Radio currently features clips from the mixtape E.A.R.D. which highlight’s Sub’s efforts to encourage others to share their music and be their own biggest supporter. The playlist is made entertaining by including skits and side conversations from terrestrial radio that SubZero617 has appeared on as well as audio clips from a session  when “Hourglass” was reviewed by Dj Crier and co-hosts on Fame Games Radio.

Radiolicious is an internet radio service created by MySimBook, based in Lafayette, Louisiana. Users are able to search and listen to terrestrial radio stations. While listening, users are offered the ability to send in song requests to DJ’s, enter contests, bookmark favorite stations, post wall comments, share the station with friends, and access social networks such as Facebook.

Ever wondered how your favorite artists and their stations rank on Radiolicious?  Well now, we have it for you…As of July 3, 2010 Here’s the top 100 stations.


1. Switch Dash Blade Radio

2. Downtown Mystic Radio

3. Jefferson Pepper Radio

4. World Beneath World Radio
5. DestinationDawn Radio
6. Mike Ro Radio
7. Christa Gniadek Radio
8. Souldja Down Radio
9. Whispering Angels Radio
10. Ace Authentic Radio

11. Murray Thorne Radio
13. Merle Jagger Radio
14. TREY SONGZ Radio
15. Gisele Scales Radio
16. Eneonycity Radio (Dance, Smooth, Electronic) Radio
18. Heavy Manic Souls Radio
19. Audry Radio
20. RAYVON Radio
21. The Meadows Radio
22. Element57 Radio
23.Young Rich Radio
24. Zach Freeman Radio
25. SubZero617 Radio

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